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Lesson 1: Create with Mind

"When you manifest; when you create the intention of energetic convergence, the first step is to understand what your mind thinks. Sometimes your mind visions correctly, but sometimes you are shrouded in misbelief, by your own views or views of your society, group or culture. Knowing your true mind is the first step of manifesting."--The Messages

Before you start, print the Bagua (the chart of colorful squares) at the bottom of this Lesson; you'll also want to have a pen or pencil handy.

This Lesson will take about an hour, depending on how deeply you work.

Please note: the audio for this Lesson is more extensive than the written material, and will take you through the process of using the Bagua. Ready to start?

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the audio, and begin to listen now.

Begin with the Bagua

As you know, the Bagua is a map used in the ancient art of fengshui. This course isn't about fengshui! However, I have found this map to be an ideal tool for helping you gain clarity on your true mind.

As you use go through this process today--regardless of how conscious you are or how far along you are on your spiritual path--you may find that what you thought you wanted to manifest, and what you actually want to manifest are different.It is with this sense of discovery that we will begin!


When you are done with the Bagua exercise, take a moment to answer these questions fully, in writing.

1. What information surprised you the most?

2. Which area or square of the Bagua contained the most energy for you? Why?

3. Which area or square of the Bagua contained the least energy for you? Why?

4. What information was revealed, that you did not know?

5. What information was revealed, that you knew but did not see in the same way?

6. Do the actions in your life reflect what you discovered using the Bagua?

7. Do you feel ready to create what you really want?

8. If not, why not?

9. What people or relationships came up, that surprised you?

10. What did you discover, when you meditated?

11. What did you think you wanted, when you began this Lesson?

12. What do you realize you actually want, now? Write fully on this.

We've just learned what your mind thinks…a first step toward manifesting miracles! As we move deeper into the process, we will move next to reveal your heart.


This week, as you go about your everyday activities, notice your thoughts as they pop up. As each thought appears, ask yourself, if it reflects what you truly want to create in your life or not.

Don't track this, or write it down. Just notice, as thoughts pop up, if this is actually true mind for you or not.